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Issuing invoices online – choose Taxon™ 👨‍✈️

Issuing invoices online? Why not?! These days it’s possible, and most importantly – free. The best example for this is Taxon™, a modern tool for entrepreneurs. Thanks to this app, you can issue an invoice and send it to your business partner at any time.
Taxon™ is an online invoicing software like no other – easy to use, clear and with a modern design – these are just a few of its advantages. Get to know it better and make it easier to manage your company’s records today!

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TAXON™ online invoicing software – easier invoicing

Are wondering how to facilitate managing your company’s paperwork? We’ re rushing to help, with a specially designed online invoicing software. Taxon™ is a modern tool which will help you store all of the accounting records in one place. The app itself is incredibly easy to use and most importantly: has a trial period which is free of charge – and “that’s a fair price”, as they used to say.

Our online invoicing software will ensure that the collaboration between your company and your accountancy office in terms of managing your company’s records is smooth and effortless.

Issuing invoices online – simplicity and convenience come first

Creating and issuing invoices with the Taxon™ app is the most optimal and effective solution for you and your company. Our software is also a great solution for those who value their time – see for yourself how convenient it is.

One tool will help you save time and effort. No more searching for lost invoices at the end of the month to send them to the accounting office. A few click is all it takes – your document is ready!

Using our tool not only saves money and time, but is also very convenient. With our software, your accountants will receive sales and purchase invoices in a safe and quick way and you will have constant access to this documentation.

So who should reach for Taxon™? The answer is fairly simple: everyone who has so much on their plate that they don’t have time for the time-consuming (and often tedious) process of managing company’s records.

Issuing invoices online – simplicity and convenience come first

You can create your invoice in a simple invoicing software with just few clicks.

Our software for issuing VAT invoices is user-friendly. The invoice number and series are assigned automatically, according to a predefined rule. You can quickly change the status of your invoice so that it is marked appropriately in the list in both text and graphic form.

Creating invoices via the Internet with Taxon™ is a complete automation of work. If you enter the name of a good or service on the invoice, it will be saved. This feature substantially speeds up the process of issuing future documents.

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Creating invoices online – with only few clicks!

This easy-to-use software is the answer to the needs of entrepreneurs who have so much on their plate that issuing invoices is often just another burdensome task. But you can change that and make online billing or invoicing nice and quick.

We’ve created our invoicing software with the intention of making things easier for entrepreneurs. We believe that instead of hours, invoicing should only take a few minutes (or even less).

Is this even possible? With Taxon™, anything is possible. We’ve already mentioned its simple interface and features which allow for issuing invoices online with just few clicks. It couldn’t be easier!

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Issuing different types of invoices with Taxon™

As an innovative, online accounting office, we strive to maximise growth – both of our own business and of the companies we look after. Being a business owner, you have undoubtedly experienced situations such as sudden and unforeseen problems in your company, lack of time to deal with company’s documentation or the search for new clients.

To meet your expectations and help you overcome these problems, we have created great, easy-to-use software that allows you to create invoices of all kinds online free of charge.

Regardless of whether we are talking about issuing an online VAT invoice or a margin VAT invoice, an advance payment invoice or a pro-forma invoice – Taxon™ supports all major document types. One tool, many possibilities – this is the simplest way to describe our app.

Create invoices online and control costs at any time

Our user-friendly online invoicing software is a powerful tool with many features to help you run your business efficiently, as well as monitor your company’s financial status. What does it mean?

That all tax information for a given accounting period is sent to your e-mail address and displayed as PUSH notifications every month, so you can keep your company’s financial matters under control at any time. With Taxon™ you keep your hand on the tiller and can react as quickly as possible.

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Issuing a similar invoice
Possibility of browsing invoice history (statuses, events, etc.)
Archiving deleted invoices
Issuing an advance payment invoice
Sending an invoice from the app to the customer's e-mail account
Issuing a correcting invoice
Saving an invoice as a draft
Selection of multiple bank accounts

Generate invoices online - take advantage of our invoice generator software

Can an online invoicing software guarantee security? Taxon™ is the best proof of that. With our tool, you don’t have to worry about your company’s and your business partners’ data falling into the wrong hands.

In developing this software, we ensured that the documents would be stored in a safe place. We use the most recent technological solutions, so you don’t have to worry about leaking data.

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Create invoices from any place on earth – that' s the power of online invoicing

Easy to use, safe and with a free trial period – sounds like the definition of an excellent software. That’s not all! With Taxon™ you can issue VAT invoices from any place on Earth – from Great Britain or on your vacation in Spain. All you need is an Internet access.

Online invoicing is what modern entrepreneurs expect. It’s simply more convenient. You no longer need to worry that your documents are disorganised when you are not around.

With Taxon™, each VAT invoice, margin invoice, pro-forma or other type of document is always at hand. Ready to be sent to the accounting office or your customers.

Sounds interesting? Try out the possibilities of the app! Try Taxon™ and make conducting your business easier today! Join the group of satisfied entrepreneurs and discover that invoicing really can be fun! We kindly invite you to test our software and share your impressions with us and others!

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From a technical point of view

Use of the mobile app is possible on phones with the Android operating system (version 4.1 and later) and iOS. An Internet connection is required for proper operation of the app.

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