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Invoice program in Germany in English

Invoice program in Germany in English

Invoice program in Germany for expats - everything you need to know

Running a small business, known in Germany as “Kleingewerbe,” is a challenge that faces many entrepreneurs, including foreigners who have decided to expand their business outside the country. In a business environment where precision and accuracy are key, a tool such as invoicing software proves essential. Nevertheless, what aspects should be considered when choosing invoicing software in the context of doing business in Germany?

1 Alignment with the Laws
Germany is a country where tax regulations and business law are complex and precise. Invoice software should not only be intuitive to use, but also adapted to local legal requirements, such as VAT regulations, forms of payment, and the structure of the invoice itself. It is important that the invoice program has markings for the most important data such as, for example, the VAT number “Umsatzsteuer – Identifikationsnummer.” Also pay attention to invoices with the “Reverse Charge” option and verification of the taxpayer in the “VIES EU” database.

2. multilinguality of the Software
For expats doing business in Germany, the multilingualism of the chosen system will be important. The software should offer the ability to switch between languages, while ensuring that all phrases and legal terms are translated according to current standards. The invoice application should be in the following languages

– others

3 Compatibility with Other Tools
Integration with other tools, such as online payment systems, customer relationship management software or e-commerce platforms, is another important aspect. The efficiency of data flow between different systems is crucial for efficiency and minimizing errors. It is essential that you can export selected invoices to, for example, a PDF or ZIP file.

4 Customer Service and Technical Support
The software should offer technical support, preferably available 24/7, and be tailored to the needs of users who may not be proficient with new technologies. Help in the native language can be an added advantage.

5 Data Security
Company and customer data must be kept secure. Checking whether the software provider guarantees data security and what backup procedures are in place is extremely important.

6. Mobile application
We live in a time where mobility is a competitive advantage. A good invoicing software in Germany must have a mobile app option available on Google Play and the App Store. Pay attention to other users’ app ratings.

Kleingewerbe in Germany
Doing business as a Kleingewerbe is a unique form of entrepreneurship that allows you to operate in the German market with minimal bureaucracy. For expats, who make up one of the largest immigrant groups in Germany, this opens up the possibility of running their own business while having access to a wide market.

However, despite some freedom, running a Kleingewerbe also involves compliance with German laws and regulations, especially those related to accounting and taxes. Receiving payments, reporting income and expenses, and issuing invoices correctly and on time are all elements that require special attention.

Invoice software in Germany – summary
Choosing the right invoice program is crucial to the smooth operation of business in the German market, especially for those who are not fully familiar with local regulations and language. With these issues in mind, entrepreneurs can not only minimize the risk of errors and inaccuracies, but also automate many processes, saving time and resources that can be redirected to growing their business.

The final choice of invoicing software should therefore be carefully considered and, if possible, based on the recommendations and experiences of other Polish entrepreneurs operating in Germany to ensure smooth and efficient business operations.

Worthy of consideration is the Taxon mobile application, which already boasts support for more than 50,000 companies across the EU.

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