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Finding the right PKD code for your business in Poland: A Guide

Finding the right PKD code for your business in Poland: A Guide

PKD codes in Poland

A key element in the process of establishing a business in Poland is choosing the right PKD code. This is a required component that characterizes the type of business the company is engaged in and classifies it in the relevant market sectors. How do you select this code so that it is relevant to the company’s business profile? What can be done if the code needs to be changed?

What is the PKD code in Poland?

It is an identifier that characterizes and categorizes the scope of a company’s activities, providing government authorities with information about the industry and sector in which it operates. It also serves as a source of data for statistical analysis of the number of activities in a specific industry or the rate of development of the country’s economy.

PKD code selection process in Poland:

To find the code most relevant to your business profile, you can use tools such as the PKD code search engine available at With this tool, entrepreneurs can easily identify the code that corresponds to their services or products, as well as find out which forms of business are available only to certain legal forms of companies.

In case of ambiguity or doubt about the choice of the appropriate code, entrepreneurs can ask for support from the Center for Classifications and Nomenclatures of the Statistical Office, using the available online form. There, it is necessary to describe in detail the scope of the company’s activities in order to get the right suggestions for PKD codes.

Selection of the PKD code during business registration

During the process of registering a business in CEIDG, the entrepreneur should provide at least one PKD code that best reflects the company’s main scope of activity. However, additional codes can also be provided if the company is to carry out more types of activities. It is important that all codes provided reflect the actual scope of services or products offered by the company.

Updating PKD codes in Poland

Changes to the PKD code can be made by submitting an appropriate application to CEIDG, which is a free procedure. Such changes should be reported within a week of the change in the scope of the enterprise’s activities. It is possible both to add new PKD codes and to remove those that are no longer valid.

Guidelines for companies: When entering a company into the KRS, entrepreneurs can choose up to ten different PKD codes. Although they are not required to include them in the articles of incorporation, this is recommended in order to facilitate the process of evaluating the filing by the court. As in the case of sole proprietorships, companies have the option to change, add or delete PKD codes, but changes to the articles of association may be required if the scope of business changes.