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0% or no VAT in the Ukrainian invoice?

0% or no VAT in the Ukrainian invoice?

Given the complex tax legislation in Ukraine, the correctness of invoices plays an important role for entrepreneurs. In particular, there is often confusion about the correct application of VAT rates in different situations. It is important to understand when to indicate 0% VAT and when a transaction is completely VAT-free. Let’s take a closer look at these concepts and identify the key differences between them.

What VAT rates apply in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, there are four main VAT rates that apply to transactions involving the provision of goods and services. These rates consist of: 0%, 7%, 14% and 20%. Each of these rates has its own purpose and scope. For example, the 0% rate often applies to goods and services that are exported outside the country. The 7% and 14% rates may be applied to certain groups of goods or services in order to support and stimulate the respective market sectors. The general VAT rate of 20% is standard for most goods and services in the country.

What is the difference?

In the context of Ukraine’s tax system, these two terms may look almost identical, but in practice they are fundamentally different. When we talk about 0% VAT, we mean that a product or service is subject to taxation, but the tax rate is zero. This requires an entrepreneur to report such a transaction in their tax returns, despite the fact that no tax is actually paid. On the other hand, the term “without VAT” indicates that the transaction is completely exempt from VAT, and such transactions are not reported in the VAT return.

What happens in case of incorrect execution?

Errors in invoices or incorrect application of VAT rates can be costly for a business. In addition to the need to adjust calculations and correct declarations, there is a risk of receiving penalties from the tax authorities. In addition, persistent violations may lead to an audit by the tax authorities, which in turn will require additional time and resources to interact with the regulatory authorities.

Additional features of taxation in Ukraine

Ukraine has specific conditions for certain goods and services. For example, when supplying medical equipment at a 7% rate, you need to take into account the requirements for the product. If it does not meet all the criteria, the basic VAT rate will be 20%. Therefore, each business transaction requires a detailed study and analysis.


The tax legislation of Ukraine, in particular regarding VAT, requires entrepreneurs to have a deep understanding and attention to detail. The difference between the “0%” and “no VAT” rates, although it may seem small, can have significant business implications. The importance of proper invoicing cannot be overemphasized, as incorrect application of the rates can lead to significant financial and administrative problems. Therefore, every entrepreneur should take a responsible approach to this issue, have competent specialists on their staff or seek professional advice. Only in this case can the stability of the business and its compliance with all legal requirements be guaranteed.